Dr. Pramita Bagchi

Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, College of Engineering and Computing

Website: https://pramitabagchi.squarespace.com/

Expertise: Statistics, Spatial models for biomedical and survival data, Time series analysis, Functional data analysis.


My primary research interest is modelling and analyzing dependent data. Dependence among observed data is a phenomenon that arises naturally in important problems, especially in time series and spatial data. I am specifically interested in large complex objects, e.g. functional time series data or spatial surface data, which has emerged as an important object of interest in statistics with the availability of high-dimensional and high-resolution data in recent years. A detailed description of my research is available here. Some of my current interests are:

  • Functional Data
  • Time Series Data
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Shape Constrained Inference
  • Asymptotic Theory
  • Empirical Processes
  • Long Range Dependence
  • Non-parametric Inference