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Welcome to INOVA Health – GMU Statistics Collaborations!

As part of the iTHRIV partnership, statistical experts at George Mason University are available to provide support to colleagues from Inova Health Care Services. All requests for support by Inova employees must have written support from Dr. Jeanny Aragon-ching.

New Project

  • Plan well in advance of important deadlines. Here are some suggested guidelines:
    • Grant proposals: 2 months advance booking
    • Conference Abstract: 1 month advance booking
    • Projects requiring offline work: 2 weeks advance booking
    • Onsite solutions: 2 days minimum advance booking pending availability
  • Read the policies:
    • Authorship Policy. We follow the authorship policies set forth by George Mason University and the Profession: An author is commonly considered to be an individual who has made substantial, direct, intellectual contributions to the work during the conceptualization of a study, conduct of the research or scholarship, analysis and interpretation of data, or drafting and revising the manuscript for intellectual content.
    • Priority will be given to projects requiring substantial statistical analyses and/or the simultaneous development of new statistical methodology. Discussions pertaining to authorship (e.g. order of authorship, target journals for submissions, level of support for proposals, etc.) will begin with the initial project meeting and should be agreed upon by all parties.
  • Follow the steps below to connect with the experts:

    1. Get approval from Dr. Jeanny Aragon-ching.
    2. Complete the new project intake form.
    3. Once we receive your completed intake form, we will contact you within three business days. You may also sign-up for a quick meeting during our walk-in hours.

More Information

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