Dr. Jiayang Sun

Title: Professor, Bernard Dunn Eminent Scholar and Chair, Department of Statistics, College of Engineering and Computing

Website: https://statistics.gmu.edu/profiles/jsun21

Expertise: Longitudinal/spatial data, Big data, Causal Inference, Heterogeneous population, Survey/Study Design/Clinical Trial, EHR, NLP, ML/AI, Imaging, Bioinformatics, General Statistics, and Biostatistics. (She is the GMU PI for this GMU-Inova Collaboration core.)


She has published in top statistical and computational journals, including Annals of Statistics, Journal of American Statistical Association, Annals of Probability, Biometrika, Statistica Sinica, Biometrical Journal, Statistics in Medicine, JCGS, and SIAM J Sci. & Stat. Comp, and other statistical and scientific journals. Her statistical research has included confidence bounds and multiple comparisons, selection biases and measurement errors, mixtures, machine learning, causal Inference, crowdsourcing, EHR, text mining, bioinformatics, network analysis, imaging, longitudinal, high-dimensional, and big data. Her interdisciplinary work has included cancer, environmental science, neuroscience, pressure ulcers, SCI, orthopedics, cardiovascular disease, dental medicine, biomaterial, and other biomedical sciences,  in addition to astronomy, computer science, energy, law, and agriculture.